Richard Axel is the author of " A Father's Love, A Daughter's Power” which can be utilized as a parenting guide for fathers with daughters as well as women who are working on father/daughter issues.

A Father's Love A Daughter's Power

What must men take into account in raising their children while their wives also learn to cope in the corporate world? When it comes to raising their daughters, how do fathers grow to avoid the traditional stereotypes men have given to women and learn to support instead of crush their daughters' spirits?

A Father's Love, A Daughter's Power addresses these issues head-on. This book sets a new standard for every family concerned with how best to raise their children in a world where both parents are so likely to develop professional careers and more fathers are faced with having to redefine what had been given as traditional and standard role models. Unlike any other book in its field, this one focuses on a pre-natal plan of action for fathers to more effectively raise their daughters. The material contained in the book has been culled from interviews and actual experiences of both men and women searching to engage in pro-active parenting. The emphasis is on fathers learning to see their daughters in a much more human light and consequently becoming more sensitive to what every girl and woman requires as basic recognition. Although written some years ago, the message presaged today's movement for empowerment and equality in the workplace and in the home.

Your Oath to Your Daughter
Fathers need to consider taking this oath before your little girl comes home
from the hospital:

I will love you unconditionally today and all the days to come.
I will love and support you as you encounter life, but I will not spare you from life's lessons.
I will not interfere with your right to grow, to make mistakes and to learn from them.
I will support your right to autonomy.
I will not become impatient with you as you perform a task.
I will not diminish your achievements.
I will offer discipline in your life and utilize opportunities to instruct you, to help build character and teach responsibility and assist you in finding solutions and alternatives.
I will teach you that beauty is secondary to character and self-respect and experiencing meaning in life. Appearance and good grooming habits are important, but your efforts, achievements, and performance are much more important.
The goal I have set is to assist and guide the development of your self-esteem so that you are only concerned about measuring up to your own standards.
I will encourage you to take calculated risks, meet new challenges, overcome obstacles and deal with the real world.
Although you will always be “my little girl” I will respect you as a woman in the years to come.

Advice to Fathers:

Become an advocate for your daughter and all women. Make the world better for for your daughter and her friends.
Do not refer to women as girls.
Do not make women the brunt of your jokes.
Do not interrupt a woman when she is speaking.
Support your wife's interests away from the home, such as work, school, volunteering, and training.
Do not insist on controlling important decisions in the family.
Do not refer to a boy or man being “like a girl.”
Never denigrate your wife's ideas, beliefs or actions especially in the presence of your daughter. Your wife is your daughter's role model for what a woman can be and your treatment of your wife sets the tone for the kind of treatment she will expect in the future from her husband.
Don't allow sexist jokes to be told in your presence.
Demonstrate in your own way your respect for women as equals.
You will be casting two votes in your home with respect to being a role model, one for being a parent and one as an example of all men in the world.
Promote the notion that women earn equal pay.
Advocate for change in the laws to protect women from harassment and stalkers.
Vote for women running for office, hire women at your workplace and support women's causes.