Richard H Axel, DLCSW

Clinical Social Worker/Psychotherapist

I work with motivated patients utilizing individual, couple and family and depression therapy. I have had a great deal of success working with couples and getting to the heart of why couples are unhappy and what strategies they can work on to improve their relationships moving forward and restoring the notion that the relationship has to be primary in their lives.

It is greatly rewarding to help men achieve a higher level of emotional intelligence so that they are able to give women what they need to feel loved and appreciated.

People generally initiate therapy due to a significant loss of a relationship, a job or the death of a loved one. Symptoms of anxiety and depression and feeling alone and abandoned are difficult to sort through in isolation or by talking to friends and family.

I have been in private practice for thirty years and have authored a book entitled, "A Father's Love, A Daughter's Power" a parenting resource for the father/daughter relationship. Specialties include: couples communication and enhancing and maintaining connection and intimacy in a long-term relationship.