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Richard H. Axel, DLCSW has been in practice for over thirty years working with individuals, couples and families in Manhattan.   
If you are currently feeling unhappy and depressed, we will work on strategies that will change your habits, developing alternative ways to reduce stress, and being stuck in the loop of negative thinking.  We will develop a plan of action to enhance your practice of happiness and a clear meaning and purpose in life.  
Richard Axel is the author of "A Father's Love, A Daughter's Power"  a powerful resource for the father/daughter bonding process as well as for women who are working with father/daughter issues in their relationships.

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Feeling overwhelmed with your emotions? Having a hard time coping with a loss in your life? Not knowing how to manage your emotions often leads to problems that will have an impact on other aspects of your life.  Acting out at school,  work or home,  or pushing away relationships or attempting to fill the void in your life with addictions.  We will develop alternative waysto alleviate suffering and compulsive behavior, coping with overwhelming urges and impulses.  Impulse control, building self control and emotion regulation skills will become a priority.  Learning to recognize triggers and  ways to contain initial reactions becomes the goal of treatment.  If you are feeling depressed, anxious, or alone, reaching out for professional help may be useful.
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Therapy can help!

A psychotherapist can help you handle your emotions better. If you are experiencing depression, anxiety or feel isolated in Manhattan or if your marriage or significant relationship needs work or if you have experienced trauma in life, a qualified clinical practitioner can offer solutions.

For over three decades, Richard H Axel as a psychotherapist and life coach, has helped his patients overcome many negative experiences and situations utilizing successful strategies for coping with difficult or intense people. 

If you or someone you love has ADHD issues, Richard has acted as a bridge to understand the differences in the way people can think and behave and how to enhance communication in these relationships.


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    Richard Axel, DLSW has been practicing for over 30 years.
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    Network Providers
    United Healthcare/United Behavioral Health/ Oxford Plans
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    "A Father's Love, A Daughter's Power"
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A Father's Love, A Daughter's Power

By: Richard H Axel, DLCSW

"A Father's Love, A Daughter's Power" presents a blueprint for the critical role a father can and should play in the development of his daughter's self-esteem. The father as architect, takes the time to read and understand the blueprint and does his share to build the house of self-esteem that his daughter will live in for the rest of her life. From infancy until puberty and adolescence, a father is offered a guide to understand the world his daughter lives in and what he has to offer her so that she will become successful in the future living in the world he has come to know.
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Richard H. Axel, DLCSW Interview, Author of "A Father's Love, A Daughter's Power"